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Online Exams Changing Trends

Online Examination is Reality

Online Examination is a reality, it is a paradigm shift. After outbreak of COVID 19 most of the institutions felt need of Online Examination and some of the institutions started using online examinations as an alternative to the paper based examination. Earlier parents and students had a typical mind set that online examinations are only good for the competitive exams but but today everyone has tasted online classes and online exams in some way or other. If someone thinks that online exams are not the real evaluation then he or she is making a mistake. Passing online exam is never easy. One has to get into habit of taking online examination from the school life. In this competitive world we have to be highly knowledgable and skilled to get a job. Today most of the entrance examinations like AIIMS, IIT are being taken online.

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Save Evaluation Effort and Gain Accuracy

A lot of time is required for thorough evaluation of answer sheets. Students often complain about the discrepencies in their evaluated answer sheets. Online examinations make you free from all such issues. Marks given by human being may have element of bias but evalation by computer is always considered fair.

Students Learn Time Management

Students learn time management. It is very good practice to take mock tests before any online competition.

Online Mock Test

Mock Test / Practice Test

Passing multiple choice exam creates a sort of fear in the mind of the student. Anxiety and fear of negative outcome in general results into more degraded performance. It has been observed that the children who are subjected to such practice tests become sort of more adjusted to help themselves in giving MCQ Tests.

Time Management

Online mock test / practice test makes student more accustomed and fare better with respect to completion of test in time.

Online Olympiad

Maths / Science / English and Computer

Students need to check their progress by various mock tests during their course. They also need to check as to where you stand within their School, District, State and at National Level. Diamond olympiad helps you determine your position with respect to the large community of the students.

Olympiad Question Quality

Questions of Diamond Olympiad are designed jointly by a team of subject matter experts and psychologists followed by stringent reviews by expert committee. These questions evaluate and rank the students in a sizable group. To know more please visit our site Benevolent Software

Why Exam is Necessary?

Knowledge Development

Exams are very important part of human life since ages. In ancient times in Gurukul Era also Students were examined regularly. If there is no examination students take education lightly. Exams are considered measurement of knowledge.

Talent Hunt

Employers use our online examination services to filter out the best talent in their respective field. Human Resource intervention is minimally required in recognition of the right talent for the company.

Self Analysis

Self Analysis is very important for any student. Merely finishing the book does not gurantee knowledge. Not getting good marks is often connected with poor study habits. It is very important indicator of seriousness of student. Students must analyse himself / herself for what he / she has done.

Cultural Importance

Every exam has its cultural background. Majority of the parents will always want their children to be subjected to streneous test system. We all know our Engineers, Doctors, IAS officers have high respect in the society because they have outperformed other students.

Enhances Confidence

A students who studies engineering for four years will be posted as an engineer. As soon as he passes his / her final examination he / she becomes highly confidant to carry out real life solutions and execution of projects.

Readiness for Competition

It is challenging world. It makes you ready for competition.

Detection of Quality of Education

It is measure of quality of your education.

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